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Meet Kwame Osei

Kwame Osei is a dynamic professional host & keynote speaker for seminars, corporate & school events, youth & charitable events & non-profit organizations. Kwame was born in Ghana but raised in a community within Toronto called Rexdale, which is known for low income housing, high drugs, violence and gang rates. Kwame’s environment created a low expectations narrative for him. Kwame’s mindset as a teen was “expect the worst and hope for the best” This perspective on life lead to Kwame getting in trouble with the law. Through sports Kwame was able to change his mindset and escape the negative narrative. Since then he has earned two University Degrees, he became a teacher and has taught at the high school level and also at a Federal Prison in Ontario. Kwame played professional football in the CFL and has coached at multiple levels in Canada including coaching at Queen’s University. Kwame is currently the Head of Equity Diversity and Inclusion at Nikki Ray Media. Kwame is an entrepreneur, author, Amazing Race Canada cast member and recipient of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award. He has a passion for public speaking and particularly loves to speak to youth, as he strives to be the person he needed when he was young.


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“Some people talk, Kwame speaks! Energy fills the room when Kwame holds the mic. He is an articulate and eloquent, yet powerful storyteller that commands the audience to be fully submerged in the story.  I have worked with Kwame for years and heard him speak countless times. To this day, I still stop what I’m doing during any event to give my full attention to his powerful words of positivity and hope. I’ve hired many talented speakers over the years and Kwame Osei tops that list with ease.”

Dylan Elias - Fort McKay Youth Group Coordinator

“I had the pleasure of having Kwame Osei speak at my conference, and our audience was truly captivated by his words! Engaging, charismatic and natural, he encompassed what a motivational speaker should be, and listening to him speak was a very rewarding experience.

My experience with Kwame as a speaker was very positive and our delegates were very receptive to his dynamic and uplifting approach.”

Rachel Otchere - Queen’s Black Academic Society

“My club, the Queen's University Black Academic Society, had the absolute privilege of booking and learning from the motivational stories that Kwame shared at our annual conference. Every attendee was deeply captivated. Kwame shares his life experiences facing failure, challenges, and overcoming adversity - each one an opportunity to pivot and elevate.

Kwame’s unique perspective, passion and energy provokes and inspires his audience. Kwame had a lasting impact on me and my cohort, and we look forward to inviting him to events in the future.”

Rasheed Tucker - Queen’s Black Academic Society

It has been an honor to meet Kwame.  His heart and soul resonates in his book.  His love and appreciation for life and people is evident. To help others to understand self respect, growth and learning, shows in his work...at any age.  You may be a parent reading this book to your child, but as a parent, you too will take home the message of his incredible book.

Shawna J Serniak - Founder, Every Woman Empowered Host, Chick Chit Chat

“We had the pleasure of having Kwame Osei speak at the Black History Youth Social Event. Attendees loved their encounter with Kwame. He was engaging and relatable, discussing his own struggles as a young black man and how turned life challenges into achievements. He reminded the youth to be proud of their culture and embrace their identity. We sincerely thank Kwame for his positive words and look forward to having him speak again.”

Anita Awuakye - Rehoboth Alliance