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Kwame Osei Motivational Video

Kwame Osei Motivational Video
Kwame Osei Motivational Video

Kwame Osei Motivational Video

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Kwame Osei Speaking Promo

Kwame Osei Speaking Promo

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Be the one | Kwame Osei | TEDxTrinityBellwoodsWomen

Be the one | Kwame Osei | TEDxTrinityBellwoodsWomen

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Kwame Osei We Are All Connected

Kwame Osei We Are All Connected

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  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
    Embark on an inspiring journey with Kwame Osei as he shares personal stories that shed light on the transformative influence of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging. With authenticity and passion, Kwame recounts his own experiences of facing the damaging effects caused by a lack of diversity and inclusion, illustrating the profound impact it had on his mental, social, and emotional well-being. In this captivating presentation, Kwame delves into the essence of an inclusive workspace, providing a comprehensive understanding of what it entails and why it is crucial. Drawing from his own insights and experiences, he equips the audience with practical knowledge and actionable steps to foster a diverse workplace culture & workforce that cultivates cultural competence and understanding. Kwame unveils strategies and practices that promote an inclusive culture, allowing individuals to flourish and contribute their unique strengths. Through his engaging delivery, Kwame empowers participants to embrace diversity, dismantle barriers and foster a sense of belonging for all. Kwame Osei shares his enlightening journey and learns how to create a culture that celebrates differences and welcomes everyone. Discover the immense value of building an inclusive environment that boosts productivity, creativity, and empathy. Unlock the potential of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging within your organization, fostering an atmosphere where every individual thrives and achieves remarkable success through an inclusive, diverse & accepting environment.
  • Resilient Response to Obstacles
    Step into the captivating world of Kwame Osei as he harnesses the power of storytelling to ignite inspiration and resilience within his audience. Drawing from his own life experiences, Kwame urges participants to conquer every obstacle they encounter, embracing the belief that after stress comes success and from struggle emerges strength. In this powerful presentation, Kwame shares his personal journey of overcoming a negative environment, defying stereotypes, and navigating life-threatening situations that could have easily derailed his path. Through his stories of triumph over adversity, he motivates and empowers others to find their passion and cultivate an environment that fuels their growth and potential. Kwame unveils the transformative mindset that turned his obstacles into triumphs and leads into gold. With unwavering determination and a profound understanding of personal transformation, he guides his audience to tap into their inner strength and rise above the challenges they face. Prepare to be inspired as Kwame imparts invaluable lessons on finding purpose, creating resilience, and embracing the right environment for personal growth. Through his engaging delivery and relatable anecdotes, he encourages individuals to seize control of their own narratives and shape their destinies. Discover the secrets to transforming adversity into triumph and unlock the untapped potential within you to embrace the journey of personal growth and witness the extraordinary transformation that awaits.
  • Breaking The Silence: Prioritizing Mental Health
    In this impactful presentation, Kwame Osei bravely shares his own mental health journey, shedding light on the importance of prioritizing mental well-being. With a compassionate understanding of the impact of traumatic experiences, Kwame equips his audience with practical tools to support their mental health. Kwame recognizes the prevalence of silent battles with anxiety, stress, and depression in our society. With heartfelt conviction, he emphasizes the critical need for individuals to have someone to talk to, as the silence surrounding mental health struggles can be the most detrimental. Kwame aims to break the stigma surrounding mental health and dismantle the stereotypes that have deceived us. He offers solutions for individuals on how to better manage themselves and their peers amidst any crisis. Kwame Osei opens a conversation about mental health, providing a safe and supportive space for his audience to address their own struggles from an unbias, real and relatable perspective. Through his empathetic approach, he encourages individuals to prioritize their mental well-being, offering actionable strategies and resources to nurture their mental health. He brings attention to the necessary actions and mindsets we can take to transform mental health and prioritize it in our lives. Through a preventative approach, break the silence, remove the stigma, and create a society that values and supports mental well-being. Take the first step toward a healthier and happier future by prioritizing your mental health to reduce the negative impacts it causes in our life.
  • It Just Takes One Person
    Delve into the transformative realms of mentorship, leadership, and the profound impact of role models in this captivating presentation by Kwame Osei. With a wealth of experience and insights, Kwame explores the interconnectedness of these three pillars and their potential to shape lives and ignite positive change. Through engaging storytelling and personal anecdotes, Kwame shares the importance of mentorship in guiding individuals toward their full potential. He highlights the influential role that strong leadership plays in fostering growth and empowering others to excel. Discover the incredible potential within mentorship, leadership, and the power of role models to shape lives and ignite positive change. Kwame Osei explores the profound connections between mentorship, leadership, and role models. Gain practical insights on how to become a mentor, cultivate effective leadership skills, and embody the qualities that make you an inspiring role model to those around you. Kwame emphasizes the impact that positive examples can have on inspiring individuals to overcome challenges and achieve greatness. He explores the qualities that make a remarkable role model and how each of us can step into that influential position.
  • The Leader In You
    Kwame believes we all have the ability to be a leader in our own unique way. In this presentation Kwame will discuss the important traits great leaders possess. Kwame will share stories from his life in sports, television and his personal life to connect with the audience and drive home his message. This presentation will energize and empower you to take your leadership to the next level. Book Kwame now and get ready to Soar!
  • Host/MC
    Elevate Your Event Experience With Kwame Osei: Your Charismatic Host And Master Of Ceremonies Looking for a dynamic and engaging host or emcee to elevate your next event? Look no further than Kwame Osei, the epitome of authenticity and positive energy. With his captivating charisma and rich life experiences, Kwame brings a vibrant and lively atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. As a skilled moderator and conference host, Kwame seamlessly transitions between program segments, keeping the event on track and ensuring a smooth flow. His strong creative background allows him to infuse innovative elements into the program, adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement for attendees. Beyond hosting duties, Kwame offers additional value to your event. He can deliver mini keynotes that captivate the audience and provide unique insights on relevant topics. His ability to connect with attendees shines during Q&A sessions, where he facilitates meaningful discussions and amplifies the outcomes for participants. When you book Kwame as your event host, you can expect a one-of-a-kind experience filled with learning, laughter, and fun. He brings a contagious enthusiasm that permeates the atmosphere and leaves a positive impact on everyone in attendance. Elevate your event to new heights with Kwame Osei as your charismatic host and master of ceremonies. Contact us now to discuss how Kwame can add an unforgettable touch to your conference, creating an engaging and impactful experience for your audience. Let’s work together to make your event a resounding success.
speaking topics
Speaking Topics
feedback frOm my clients

"I had the pleasure of working with Kwame Osei as our Emcee for the Keyano College Gala 2018.  He brought his energy and enthusiasm to all aspects of the project.  Kwame was very good at reading the audience.  He used his humor and a jovial approach to maintain guest attention during key program moments.

Kwame also went above and beyond the usual Emcee duties by participating in some promotional opportunities for our event.  He was very well spoken and candid in interviews, willing to have fun with some social media sneak peek videos and worked with us to create an entertaining entrance video.

I have received many compliments on just how well the formal stage program was executed and how we were very lucky to have Kwame join us as Emcee for our event.  I look forward to the next opportunity I have to work with him again!“

Lauren Thomas

- Events Coordinator

Meet Kwame Osei

Kwame Osei is a dynamic professional host & keynote speaker for seminars, corporate & school events, youth & charitable events & non-profit organizations. Kwame was born in Ghana but raised in a community within Toronto called Rexdale, which is known for low income housing, high drugs, violence and gang rates. Kwame’s environment created a low expectations narrative for him. Kwame’s mindset as a teen was “expect the worst and hope for the best” This perspective on life led to Kwame getting in trouble with the law. Through sports Kwame was able to change his mindset and escape the negative narrative.

Since then he has earned two University Degrees, he became a teacher and has taught at the high school level and also at a Federal Prison in Ontario. Kwame played professional football in the CFL and has coached at multiple levels in Canada including coaching at Queen’s University. Kwame is currently the Head of Equity Diversity and Inclusion at Nikki Ray Media. Kwame is an entrepreneur, author, Amazing Race Canada cast member and recipient of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Award. He has a passion for public speaking and particularly loves to speak to youth, as he strives to be the person he needed when he was young.

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DEI Consulting

Book Kwame for DEI Consulting. Kwame will help you build a better workplace which will incorporate diverse, equitable, inclusive, accessible and anti-racist strategies. Kwame’s holistic approach carefully examines all aspects of an organization in order to discover opportunities for improvement. Armed with this information, he can develop a results-driven plan for your business and create a space where everyone has a sense of belonging.

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youth mentorship

Book Kwame to help empower your youth. Kwame has built an intensive 8 session program that addresses the needs of youth. Kwame will help equip youth with valuable skills needed to thrive in our society while helping them grow and evolve into the best version of themselves. Be apart of the future by booking Kwame.


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